Clenzoil cleaning, lubricating and protecting.

Clenzoil is the Ultimate Cleaning, Lubricant, & Protectant for all of your needs! From Field & Range, Marine & Tackle, to Machine & Sprocket. Order today!



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Clenzoil Marine & Tackle

Clenzoil Marine & TackleMarine to us means anything having to do with water or wet environments. Equally at home in either freshwater or saltwater, Clenzoil “Marine & Tackle” products offer a specialized formulation to meet the expansive needs associated with harsh and corrosive marine and water related environments. Similar to our other industry segments, the distinctive and proprietary attributes of Clenzoil “Marine & Tackle” allows for this unique product line to be used in a myriad of ways offering single step solutions for protecting your most valued water tools and toys (big or small) while also offering a host of viable commercial and military applications.

Not recommended for painted surfaces.

Clenzoil Field & Range

Clenzoil Field & RangeFor 67+ years Clenzoil has been one of the best kept secrets in the industry. As the quiet giant and possibly the most “tried and true” product ever used and tested in this industry segment, Clenzoil has been used in every war and conflict involving the United States since WWII and has proven itself in every environmental condition and geographical location conceivable with real life (not just laboratory) experience and data with unrelenting reliability and superior service in the field. Clenzoil is the first choice (and only choice for many) among Outdoorsman, Hunters, Competitive Shooters and Marksman, US Military and Special Forces as well as a continually growing list of Law Enforcement agencies worldwide. Clenzoil currently ships its products all over the world, including the ability to ship products into nearly any “hostile” environment almost as easily as it can ship products into any standard international port of call.

Not recommended for painted surfaces.

Clenzoil Apparel

Clenzoil ApparelShop for casual Clenzoil logo brand apparel. Check out our new line of clothing. tee-shirts, hats leg-ins and more. All made from the finest materials for high quality and long lasting.





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