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2 Liter Coke Bottle Diversion Safe

2 Liter Coke Bottle Diversion Safe for Belongings

The days of the traditional safe offering trustworthy security is over. It's much smarter to use diversion safes nowadays. Perfect for home, office, dorm room at college, or apartments. This Diversion Safe has a hidden stash compartment. It is made from a real 2 Liter Coke Bottle Diversion Safe. The bottle is shipped empty. All you have to do is add colored water.

Made with exteriors that are smartly disguised to look like other household items. A would be crook would never look twice at it. There may be no better example of this than the 2 Liter Coke Bottle diversion safe. This protective safe has interior dimensions of 3 inches x 3 ½ inches.

Coca-Cola products are sold all over the world. They are among the most commonly found items in any household. If someone sees what appears to be a normal everyday bottle of soda, they're really not going to think much of it. Of course, the illusion will work best if you store the bottle somewhere near the back or in a drawer of your fridge. A random 2 liter container of soda that appears to be hidden away in some corner will look a bit suspicious. The 2 Liter Coke Bottle diversion safe is one of the smartest varieties on the market.

Coca-Cola products are sold all over the world

Purchase this expertly crafted version already made with securely sealing construction for the greatest security. If you're in need of a clever way to hide away some valuables or even an emergency stash of cash, look no further!

Made from real, brand new, unused 2L Coke bottle.

Ships empty and to be filled with your own liquid upon arrival.

Each is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full. Interior dimensions of safe 3" x 3 1/2"


Price: $39.95

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