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1 lbs Nylon Holster, Velcro Pepper Spray Holster

Nylon/Velcro holster with Belt Loop for Wildfire 18% sprays - 1 lb. size.

Lugging around a large canister of pepper spray is a lot easier with a 1 lbs Nylon Holster. Whether you are a law or security officer who needs both hands to restrain lawbreakers or a camper with busy enough hands as it is, a holster is the perfect companion to your one-pound pepper spray can.

The 1 lbs Nylon Holster. WildFire Pepper Spray addresses a vital concern that comes with the use of strong chemical self-defense weapons: owner safety.

WildFire is not your ordinary pepper spray. If you are armed with WildFire, you are armed with a variant of pepper spray that is at least twice as dangerous and effective as regular pepper spray. A canister of this stuff should not just be thrown around in some bag. Hot pepper sprays with 18% OC or oleoresin capsicum have serious stopping power. They should be treated with care.

The 1 lbs Nylon Holster

Regular pepper spray alone, with a 10% OC formulation, can cause severely intense effects that can last for an hour. These include instant inflammation in the body's airways and other soft tissues of the face. The body responds with its own self-defense maneuvers. The eyes force themselves shut. Profuse tear production follows. The mucous membranes work in advance. A burning sensation overcomes the entire face. Either all or a combination of these effects can happen to a person whose face comes in contact with 10% pepper spray.

With WildFire, which are all 18% pepper sprays, these effects can last not just for an hour but for 2 hours or more. The potency of the chemical makes the effects much more intense. It is a painful sensation that you certainly never want to accidentally unleash on your friends or family. To protect you and yours from any such untoward incident, it is recommended that you use a 1 pound pepper spray holster.

Having a holster for pepper spray is more than just a safety measure. It also makes tactical sense. Using the belt loop on the Nylon & Velcro 1 lb. Pepper Spray Holster, you can secure your weapon to your hip, allowing your hands to be free while keeping the spray within easy reach.

At home, in the car, or while camping, you should hope to never have to use your 1 lb.

It is not just a matter of convenience. A holster gives you instant access to your weapon, saving you valuable seconds of having to retrieve your spray from a bag or your pockets. In a real situation where you are forced to defend yourself, a couple of seconds can be enough to either subdue your attacker or get yourself subdued.

With a bit of practice, you will be able to draw and fire in an instant. That is why holsters are perfect for police officers, campers, or anyone else who needs free hands while still being armed with pepper spray.

At home, in the car, or while camping, you should hope to never have to use your 1 lb. Pistol Grip or FireMaster WildFire Pepper Spray. In the event that you do, a large pepper spray holster could make things easier for you.



Price: $12.00

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