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Bear Spray Nylon Holster 9 oz

Mace or Guard Alaska Bear Pepper Spray Nylon Holster

What is more dangerous than getting attacked alone in a dark alley in the city at night? Accidentally stumbling upon the territory of a wild bear in the woods. People can be very dangerous, and that is a fact, but there is nothing quite like a thick, full-grown, 10-foot, 1.5-ton, male adult Kodiak bear standing on its hind legs, staring you down. Even from a distance, that type of danger just might freeze a man in his tracks. In situations like this, instinct can take over. Unfortunately, instinct might need a little help. In this case, that help is in the form of a simple Bear Spray Nylon Holster.

Sometimes, instinct alone can’t save you. With all that adrenaline pumping through your heart, it can be hard to fish out a can of bear spray from your pockets or your pack. The simplest solutions can be the most efficient. That certainly is the case with the Nylon Bear Spray Holster with Velcro.

When adrenaline takes over, you need to make it easy for yourself to grab your weapon. Use a bear spray holster belt to keep your weapon somewhere you can easily reach for. It is all about instant access to your weapon: the readiness to fire. Being ready can make all the difference between getting mauled to death and having an interesting anecdote about almost getting mauled to death.

Nylon Bear Spray Holster with Velcro

Camping trips in the deep woods should never end in tragedy. You can prevent that by being armed with Guard Alaska® bear spray, which is the only EPA-approved bear repellent for all bear species. Or, if you want to have the advantage of distance, Mace® bear pepper spray can spray up to 30 feet. Either pepper spray for bears can fit into this Nylon/Velcro Bear Spray Holster.

Arming yourself with bear spray and a bear spray holster for running, hiking, or camping in the woods can certainly save you and your companions when you have caught the attention of a wild bear. Be advised, however, that these should not be your first line of defense against these magnificent animals.

The best thing to do is to avoid them. As much as bear pepper spray is effective, having the knowledge to avoid encountering bears in the first place is even more so. A little understanding of bear psychology can save your life and save the bear from the pain of pepper spray. The swelling, blindness, and disorientation from pepper spray can be much worse for a wild animal with a developed sense of smell.

There are ways to prevent this. The key is avoidance. Never trespass into their territory, especially where there are bear cubs. Knowing the bear's motivations behind its actions can help you avoid them.

If you still somehow manage to provoke them to attack, or if you are being stalked by a bear that sees you as prey, then you will have no choice but to use bear pepper spray. With a 9 oz. bear pepper spray with holster, you will be ready to make that choice.


Price: $12.00

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