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Inert 2 oz Practice Defensive Spray Stream

Water Based Inert 2 oz Practice Defensive Spray Stream. These sprays use water instead of pepper spray. They are pressurized with nitrogen. Their purpose is to be used as a practice spray instead of wasting a real pepper spray. They will enable the user to get proficient at using a defense spray.

Training units are an important part of any self defense program. This 1/2 oz. training unit will allow you to see exactly how a real 1/2 oz. unit fires without the messy aftermath of real pepper spray. You can even fire these units indoors. There is a little odd smell, but nothing that will run you out of the room.
It is our opinion that anyone buying any brand pepper spray should buy an Inert 2 oz Practice Defensive Spray Stream unit so they are confident with the real defense spray in hand. Thing about giving your teenager the car keys without any driving experience or even buying a handgun for defense but never firing a shot from the weapon. It does not make any sense to own such an effective weapon and not know how to fire it. This is the reason we really push these.


Do not spray on anyone or yourself. Even though there is nothing in the sprays to do any permanent harm to anyone, the nitrogen can cause some skin irritation or burning if sprayed in the eyes.


Price: $8.00

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