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Mace 10% Pepper Foam

Mace® Foam Based Pepper Spray Against Multiple Attackers

The Mace 10% Pepper Foam Model is a straightforward, no-nonsense 67-gram product. It is filled with chemical stopping power in the easy-to-use foam form.

There used to be just one kind of pepper spray: liquid stream. Today, tactical self-defense pepper spray is available in different types. These mostly use the same active ingredient, OC or oleoresin capsicum. Their differences are in their respective forms after being released from the canister. These types include but are not limited to the stream, fogger, foam, cone, and gel. Out of these different kinds, foam based pepper spray is one of the easiest to administer on an attacker's face.

Buy this foam pepper spray for sale, what you are really purchasing is maximum area coverage. Foam Mace pepper spray shoots out in a wide arc. It is wide enough to make contact with two adjacent people with just a single burst or spray. Foam can be the perfect spray for defending against multiple attackers. This is a quality that it shares with fogger pepper sprays. At the same time, though, foam carries more weight than atomized fog.

A burst of foam is not as susceptible to the wind as a burst of fog is. This makes it easier to control in threatening situations punctuated by windy or stormy weather. However, pepper foam is best used indoors, when minimal to no wind can influence its direction, giving you full control of the dangerous chemical stream. This is good because you would never, ever want to accidentally spray yourself or your friends and family. The effects of 10% pepper spray, which has a 10% OC concentration, are intensely painful.

Mace 10% Pepper Foam

When you get sprayed, a potent and profuse burning sensation accompanies the entire ordeal. When it burns, that is how you know that the soft tissues on your face are about to swell and react. The eyes will shut close. Tears and mucus will run down your face uncontrollably as the body rejects the OC, the powerful irritant that gives pepper spray its immobilizing sting.

Those are the effects of all types of pepper spray. With the Mace® Pepper Foam in particular, the foam substance can easily cover and be ground into an attacker's entire face and eyes in mere seconds, instantly administering a combination of pain, difficulty seeing, and discomfort that can stop any full-grown man in his tracks.

At 67 grams, the large Mace® Pepper Foam with UV dye can dish out those effects via 5 one-second bursts, from distances of up to 10 feet. With the flip-top safety cap that this compact, powerful model is carrying, you can be sure it will not accidentally discharge when it is not meant to.

All of that is why experts recommend pepper foam for home defense. Besides being better suited for indoor use, foam is highly visible, predictable, and able to take on multiple attackers at once. And with UV marking dye mixed into the Mace® Pepper Foam, those multiple attackers can later on be identified by the authorities via ultraviolet light, aiding in their apprehension should they somehow get away.


Price: $19.95

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