Pepper Spray Tips

Small Pepper Spray is a product that should be always with you just like your cell phone.



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Pepper Spray Tips

Don’t become a victim learn pepper spray use your Small Pepper Spray as self defense to protect yourself. Every law enforcement officer in the country carries a pepper spray. It is really his first option after a lawful command is not followed. Since the 1980’s when the FBI authorized the use of pepper spray, civilian usage has gone out of sight. It is a primary nonlethal self defense weapon for female self defense. Pepper spray or OC spray as it is sometimes called is by far the most popular self defense item in the world.

Pepper Shot Pepper SprayHere are 5 tips that could save your life:

Pepper spray tips will show you how to use pepper spray products that should be always with you just like your cell phone. With the recession, volatile global economy, meth-heads, drugs, and other just plain crazy people, the crime rate is increasing throughout the country. Just watch the news! However, life does not have to stop and you don’t have to walk around afraid any longer. Even a small pepper spray can stop a big attacker.

(1) Shout as Loudly as You Can “STOP” When You Spray most muggers count on subduing their victim by shock. People get so scared when they are faced with imminent violence and danger to their life that they freeze. Use the shock treatment against your attacker. When you make noise, you will disorient your attacker; when you scream “STOP”, for a fraction of a second, if not more, your attacker will stop. That will give you enough time to use your Small Pepper Spray and back away from the attacker to safety.

(2) Keep Your Hand Close To You When You Spray Pepper, do not extend your hand towards your attacker/ mugger. He might react by grabbing your arm and hurt you. Keep your hand close to your face level and spray upwards towards his face; at the same time back away from the threatening person. As soon as he put his hands over his face to wipe the hot pepper spray, you turn and run as fast as you can and call 911.

(3) Practice Spraying The Small Pepper Spray At Home Before Using It, to be most effective, you need to know how it feels when you spray. Practice a few times in front of your mirror. See whether it is handy for you to remove it from the place you keep it. Check how much time it takes to get it in your hands and use it. In real time, you would have less than 10 seconds to react. Keep the pepper spray within easy reach so you can bring it out in one smooth flow. It will be useless if it is buried somewhere in your handbag, you will not have the time to hunt for it.

(4) Aim at the face, the Small Pepper Spray you have in your hand works only when it is inhaled or enters the eyes, or both. Hence, it is important that you aim for the face. Do not just spray blindly at the body. Aim at the face and spray in short bursts (2-3 seconds) to create a mist between you and the attacker. As he doubles in pain you do not wait to spray more – you run to safety as fast as you can.

(5) Use The “Z” Pattern When Spraying, practice the “Z” pattern while spraying your Small Pepper Spray because that is the most effective method in reaching the assailant’s face.

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