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20 Million volt Stun Baton with Flashlight

20 Million-volt Stun-baton w/Flashlight is a powerful self-defense weapon, on par with the best stun gun, for women living alone, couples who don’t want a gun in the home, and anyone who wants to be prepared to inflict non-lethal force at a moment’s notice. Stun gun batons are legal in most states and don’t require a lot of training. The stun baton works the same as a stun gun, but allows you more distance from your attacker. 

non-lethal stun gun batons are the perfect self-defense weapons as they
are effective as a striking weapon in addition to being a stun gun.
Although certainly bigger than a standard stun gun, a stun baton is
still lightweight and can be easily stored in your car, business or
home. Our stun batons have a higher instant incapacitation rate than a
9mm handgun, and are legal to carry in most states. When seconds count, a
stun gun baton can quickly immobilize an attacker or be used to strike
the attacker should they attempt to disarm you. In addition, most of our
stun batons will deliver volts should the attacker attempt to grab the
baton.The Home Security Superstore has an array of stun batons for sale
that will keep you safe from an attacker. 

Stay Safe at Home with a 20 Million-volt Stun-baton w/Flashlight

a stun baton has several distinct advantages over a regular stun gun.
Let’s take a look at why stun gun batons are so popular for home
protection and personal self-defense on the go: 

  • Keep
    your distance. With a regular stun gun, you need to be standing just
    next to your attacker to deliver a stun. A baton gives you the same
    ability to temporarily incapacitate someone but you can do it from a few
    feet away (some stun batons are as long as 19 inches). 
  • See
    your target clearly. Many stun batons have a powerful LED flashlight on
    the end, so you can see exactly what – or who – is in front of you
    before striking a blow. 
  • Use as a
    baton. A stun gun has a singular purpose, but a stun gun baton can be
    used as a regular baton as well. If you’re not ready to deploy an
    electric charge, you still have a useful weapon in hand. 


Price: $35.00

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